It's original name was Stutengarten or horse breeding past (Horse Garten), founded in the 10th century, Stuttgart is it's  modern version.

The 6th biggest city in Germany known for its automotive industry, the beloved luxury cars Porsche and Mercedenz Benz have their head offices and museums in Stuttgart. Apart from being the automotive hub, Stuttgart is the place where a petrol powered car was born, very fascinating history in the field of car manufacturing. The engineers were Gottlieb Daimler and Carl Benz.

if you are interested in knowing the history and how everything unfolded, visit Gottlieb Daimler Memorial, quite a small place  but there is everything you need to know about the father engineering.

The very first television tower (Fersenturm), was the first concrete  television tower in the entire world, designed and built by Professor Fritz Leonhardt in Stuttgart. The idea was to attract tourist with a restaurant and a viewing platform, the tower has since influenced other towers all over the world.

If you thought Munich is the only place where you could enjoy a beer, you have been misinformed, the Nektarpark Stuttgart hosts it's own second beer festival in the world after Munich's Oktober fest. Next time you are tired of Oktober Fest in Munich, herd to Stuttgart for a Schwabisch Cannstatter Volkvest excitement.

Birkenkopft is a highest manmade hill at an elevation of 511m, it is made up of all the rubble cleared after the city was badly bombed during  the world-war 2. Taking a tour is a good remind of a very ugly history that many of us have forgotten.

  • Wirtshaus Zum Spätzleschwob (German)

 Vogelsangstraße 50, 70197 Stuttgart

  • bo'teca di vino ((Mediterranean- German Kitchen)

 Beethovenstraße 30, 70195 Stuttgart

  • Die Zirbelstube

Althoff Hotel am Schlossgarten, Schillerstraße 23, 70173 Stuttgart

  • Délice (French)

Hauptstätter Str. 61, 70178 Stuttgart

  • Fässle le restaurant (French)

 Löwenstraße 51, 70597 Stuttgart

  • La Fenice (Italien)

Rotebühlpl. 29, 70178 Stuttgart

  • Goldberg Restaurant & Winelounge

Guntram-Palm-Platz 1, 70734 Fellbach

  • Oishi Sushi (Japanese)

Leobener Str. 28, 70469 Stuttgart

  • Le petit Coq

Hauptstätter Str. 59, 70178 Stuttgart

  • Schwarz Weiß Bar (Cocktail Bar)

Wilhelmstraße 8A, 70182 Stuttgart

  • Bar Lillet

Willy-Brandt-Straße 30, 70173 Stuttgart

  • John Cranko Lounge

Schillerstraße 23, 70173 Stuttgart

  • Bix Jazzclub

Leonhardspl. 28, 70182 Stuttgart

  • ARBADOS Stuttgart

Rotebühlpl. 37, 70178 Stuttgart

  • Biddy Earlys Irish Pub

Marienstraße 28, 70178 Stuttgart

  • Bix Jazzclub (Live Music)

Leonhardspl. 28, 70182 Stuttgart

  • Steigenberger Graf Zeppelin, Stuttgart ☆☆☆☆☆

Arnulf-Klett-Platz 7, 70173 Stuttgart

A very practical Hotel located just apposite Stuttgart's main train station and directly in the city's main shopping area. Basically you can do everything by foot or public transportation. Given that Stuttgart is 6th biggest city therefore, Steigenberger Hotel has

wonderful facilities at reasonable prices in the Baden-Württemberg area.

  • Althoff Hotel am Schlossgarten ☆☆☆☆☆

Schillerstraße 23, 70173 Stuttgart

Located next to the Stuttgart 600 year old Schlossgarten Park, enjoy wonderful views of nature right under your nose.  Take a walk in the park allow yourself rewind and breath some clean fresh air, enjoy the benefits of jogging in the nature, use the natural surroundings to the fullest. Schlossgarten Hotel is one of the most reputable 5 star hotel in Stuttgart. Excellent location in close proximity to shopping areas, train station and a beer garden in the park.

  • Le Meridian Stuttgart ☆☆☆☆☆

Willy-Brandt-Straße 30, 70173 Stuttgart

A splendour hotel in the heart of Stuttgart, within walking distance to the main station. It is an example of a classic property that is very well maintained and refurbished to cater to the modern needs. 

They lobby bar is very attractive and cozy, wonderful place to have a nightcap. The rooms are modern and clean, everything you would expect from the LM brand. Hotel is a nice walk from the central train station but you can cut through the park, so it is a wonderful relaxing experience.

  • Der Zauberlehrling ☆☆☆☆

Rosenstraße 38, 70182 Stuttgart

At The Escort Agent we love new modern and inspiring business and designs, this hotel stands on top of our list, located close to the Schlossplatz and near an underground station Olgaeck. From a chick breakfast lounge, jacuzzi in the rooms, stylish rooms each with it's own theme, some rooms come with waterbeds. What an excellent effort to try create a homey yet a joyful holiday and home away from home atmosphere for guests, a truly unique hotel experience.

  • Hilton Garden Inn Stuttgart NeckarPark ☆☆☆☆

 Mercedesstraße 75, 70372 Stuttgart

Hilton Garten Inn Stuttgart  is one of those portfolio hotel franchises managed by Hilton Company, well known to  have a good reputation or rather are well known all over the world. The Hilton Garden in Stuttgart seats at the Carl Benz Centre, 10 minutes walk to Mecerdes-Benz Museum.

The hotel is quiet spacious, the windows are pretty large and long allowing a lot of natural light from outside. 

Be advised that this rather pretty large  modern hotel is not in the city centre, you may have to reach attraction areas by using public transportation or a transport of your choice.