The capital city of Lower Saxony is known for it's largest computer trade fair  (CeBIT) in Germany, which takes place annually.  So if you are a computer or IT gig the trade fair should be on your agenda.

Another interesting attraction is the cultural Sprengel Museum that represents the sufficiently great collections of modern art in Germany. Established in 1979 a period after a chocolate manufacturer by the name of Bernhard Sprengel  donated his work of modern art . A must pin place for art lovers.

Maschsee is a man-made lake and a product of Great Depression designed to moderate the spring floods and employment at that time. If you happen to be in Hanover and in dire need for some romantic company we recommend our companion services.

Maschsee is a perfect spot for a romantic setting, activities like Kayaking or ice skating in winter that requires working together and communication could help you and your chosen companion break the ice before embarking into a romantic road. 

  • Jante (Modern Kitchen)

Marienstraße 116, 30171 Hannover

  • Gallo Nero (Italian)

Groß-Buchholzer Kirchweg 72, 30655 Hannover

  • Ristorante Tesoro (Italien)

Marienstraße 113, 30171 Hannover

  • Leonardo (Italien)

 Sophienstraße 6, 30159 Hannover

  • BISTRO Schweizerhof (German)

 Hinüberstraße 6, 30175 Hannover

  • Restaurant RÖHRBEIN (German)

Joachimstraße 6, 30159 Hannover

  • Max Walloschke (German)

 Lange Laube 2, 30159 Hannover

  • Restaurant Meteora (Greek)

 Hamburger Allee 37, 30161 Hannover

  • Lady Lux, American Table Dance Bar

Goethestraße 7, 30169 Hannover

  • Harry's New-York Bar

Sheraton Hannover Pelikan Hotel, Pelikanpl. 31, 30177             Hannover

  • Auszeit

Friesenstraße 15, 30161 Hannover

  • Shakespeare Englische Pub

Gutenberghof 3, 30159 Hannover​


  • TresOr Restaurant & Bar

Prüßentrift 61, 30657 Hannover

  • The Ritz-Carlton, Wolfsburg ✩✩✩✩✩ 

Parkstraße 1, 38440 Wolfsburg

The hotel is not in Hanover rather located in the nearby Wolfsburg where Volkswagen plant is located. l personally do not think it is a bad idea to stay at this hotel as many business people visiting VW stay here.  

If you are someone who is into fitness, we here that they have a wonderful gym and outdoor swimming pool. l personally praise the hotels in Germany for the outstanding service and knowing that the customer is king. Highly recommended indeed.

  • Kastens Hotel Luisenhof ✩✩✩✩✩ 

 Luisenstraße 1-3, 30159 Hannover

Telefon: 0511 30440

Absolutely stunning and perhaps one of the best hotels in the region. Excellent rooms, interiors are designed to make guests feel at home and to have an unforgettable hotel comfort experience.

Breakfast is excellent, it is one of those things that one should look forward, we recommend not to never skip breakfast in German hotels.

The hotel is central in close proximity to the main train station for guests convenience, we honestly think that it can't get better than that. The problems with some cities in the world is access to reliable transport system. Germany is known for having fairly good public transportation system, you can actually choose between a fast train (ICE), and regional trains, which are less expensive aren't as fast as ICE, but still pretty good to get around, take advantage of that.

  •  Maritim Airport Hotel Hannover ✩✩✩✩

Flughafenstraße 5, 30669 Hannover

Phone0511 97370

What more can we say about this hotel, the images on their website speak for themselves, perfectly located near the airport for those travelling by air. We were fascinated by the glamorous and elegant look of this hotel. If you love well polished interior designs, well, look no further this is a place to stay when you visit Hannover. The hotel has a spa which consists of a sauna, gym, steam room and an indoor swimming pool, seat back, relax enjoy life.


  • Radisson Blu Hotel Hannover✩✩✩✩

Expo Plaza 5, Mittelfeld, 30539 Hannover, Germany

0511 383830

If you are herding to Hannover for an exhibition, this is the best and most probable the only nearest to the Messe. Not only is it in close proximity to the Messe, but it also offers reasonable prices in the area. Another advantage is the ease of transport accessibility from the hotel to the city which is about 30 minutes away.  Guests who had previously stayed here say the rooms were very spacious, clean and comfortable. 

  • Apartment Hannover

 Langensalzastraße 19, 30169 Hannover

 0177 7993575

There are a number of self catering and serviced apartments available in Hannover. 

Our pick for you is, Apartment Hannover Top City location (53sqm). Well appointed in the centre of Hanover. 

If you are searching for something totally exclusive private accommodation could be a solution to your needs. From my travelling experience, there are many benefits that serviced apartments can offer you, from preparing your own meals, if you are someone with special dietary requirements, to total privacy, because you are in control.


You will not be interrupted by hotel personnel at anytime. You get to sleep longer without having to worry about missing breakfast like in most hotels in the world. Private apartments offers a total peace of mind.