Scoop of Fabulous

Lascivious Dinner

Flirty Seduction

Cosy Moments

Short overnight

Adventurers Overnight

2 hours

3 hours

4 hours

6 hours

8 hours

10 hours

700 € 

900 €

1100 €




Lavish Overnight

Luxurious Overnight

Euphoric Escape

Mini VIP Escape

Per extra day


12 Stunden

14 Stunden

24 Stunden

48 Stunden

Pro Tag

1900 €






Our Companions  are available exclusively in most cities around Europe and abroad of course. Some countries may require a visa, this may take time depending on the country...


We do charge extra for travel costs for all encounters further than 150km from Munich or any home city around Germany where our ladies reside.  Costs depend on distance/travel time. Please understand that 2 hour appointments cannot  be booked in a city 150km away from where our models live. As a result travel expenses are charged separately for all appointments 150km away from the model's home city. Travel include  taxi costs, flight, train, fuel, hotel etc.  We must clear this up in order to avoid future misunderstandings.

Importantly, 30% deposit is required for all bookings that take place outside of the lady's home city.

A return flight/return train tickets must be booked/paid for upfront as our security.

We do accept advance payments, just notify us in time so we can make arrangements for that. We do accept credit cards, EFT, Western Union as well as Paypal. We do, however, encourage our clients to arrange their preferred method of payment in advance. Payments may take up to 7 working days before they are cleared by the banks. If you are sure you would like to book a model, you can also make payment months in advance. If you no longer can keep the appointment, we will fully refund you, rest assured!