#Respect and discretion...

The moment you meet our companion is when you enter an exclusive agreement. We both have personal lives, careers, families and friends, privacy will always be upheld. You can rely on the discretion of the agency and our  models at all times. We expect the same discretion towards our models and The Escort Agent.

#The Escort Agent has strict guidelines, to  protect both  our companions and our clients.  Our policies are not to be violated under any circumstances, and are in place for the protection, safety and well being of our companions, as well as you our valuable client.  

​#Our relationships are based on mutual respect, so please treat your model as you wish to be treated. We expect gentlemen to treat the companions fairly and to respect their personal boundaries. Our companions have a choice to refuse any request or tasks in which they feel uncomfortable. Never put pressure on our models.

#Honesty and reliability

Tell us what you are looking for, what your desires are and we will do our best to meet your requirements. We take our business serious through honest and open communication and we would like you to do the same.

Clients making last minute cancellations, and lacking punctuality are at risk of being declined for future bookings with our agency.  We absolutely understand that cancellations and lateness can happen to anyone, please notify us if you find yourself in such a situation, communication is key!

#Personal care

Our models take great care of their appearances and personal care, we expect the same of our clients.
Please shave, shower and brush immediately before meeting the lady arrives. There is nothing better than the natural smell of soap and water and minty fresh breath, do not let this interfere your fun..! If you have allergies to certain fragrances please let us know. 

#Please please treat the models with respect, be polite, be considerate, respect her and her feelings and her wishes. Avoid ordering her around. Allow her to settle and feel comfortable, don't be all over her the moment you open the door.

#Our companions do not engage in illegal activities, and any attempt to discuss them whether it be by phone, email, or in person will immediately end any and all interactions. 


#The Escort Agent (Tea) would like to emphasise to our clients to never ask our companions for private and personal information, such as phone numbers, emails , social media profiles. The companions prefer to remain very discreet about their private lives, therefore, respect their wishes.


#Who is available?

In order to provide you with the most accurate availability its best to send us an email in time,  and we can let you know who is available at that time.


#Can I see more photos?

No. The photos are to give you an idea of what we have available. They are  very accurate.


#What If I would like to cancel?

Call us and we can cancel your appointment, provided a 24 hour notice is given in advance you won’t be charged.


#Would your escorts meet for a quick drink before l arrange a meeting?

We require compensation for time spent with our companions. If you wish to meet to decide whether or not you would like to spend more time with her, that would be considered a date and would require a standard compensation


#Are the information and images for the model escorts accurate?

We carefully screen and get to know each beautiful woman who successfully applies to be available with us. Once we have selected a model to be listed with us, she goes through a screening process, allowing us to build a rapport and relationship with her. Her authentic photos and information are then made available for suitably matched gentlemen.


#Do your models work as full time companions?

No, all our elegant ladies enjoy their discreet liaisons with you as a fun, exciting side-adventure to their regular lives. Most of the models are working on their own careers.  


#Why are the ladies faces hidden.

Discretion is of paramount importance to our ladies as well as yours. Our models lead a judicious and quiet life. However, we can promise you that you will be more than pleased with our ladies. 


#Can l book at last minute?

Booking 24 hrs in advance is advisable, sometimes our ladies may not be available for the same day meetings.

#Is this discreet?

Yes absolutely. If you prefer extra discretion we can assure our females are “dressed down” with sneakers or flip flops as to not draw some attention.