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The Escort Agent is proudly the country’s upcoming boutique escort agency brand, with offices in Munich, offering services throughout Europe and International. 

Just like any other business model out there, we value and take our business very serious, we work with models we've carefully selected because of their punctuality, reliability,  respect ,honesty and integrity qualities. They come from different cultural backgrounds and races. We believe that beauty knows no colour of a skin, no age, sexual orientation, no feature, that being said anyone is welcome to join our team. We aim to do our best effort in finding you a date of your dream. 

Our aim is to offer the very best in discreet and selective escort services, thereby introducing models that come from all walks of life, with different skin tones, catering for all types of clients locally and international.

Our models are available  for all types of social and private events, whether you are a visitor or on vacation, or travelling for business, it can be difficult to find a beautiful sophisticated courtesan, due to limited time and simply not knowing where to find models of great beauty and poise.

Whether you want to book our models for a few hours, we have a selection of models who have the qualities that you may desire the most, and we are happy to help you find a model that will meet your expectations. 

Using an escort agency isn't as difficult as it sounds, and definitely not as scary as some people may think!  These models are normal, intelligent, clean and beautiful who happen to make their time available for a small cycle of gentleman in their lives as high class companions.

Booking an escort is the most modern way to meet the right kind of person, whose company you can enjoy, with no  strings attached. The Escort Agent receives calls from clients wishing to book a model . The booking is made for time and companionship. Like with any date, anything that goes on after that is nothing to do with the agency, it’s between two consenting adults.

 We take pride in providing you with a top class escort experience and we strive for the ultimate in professionalism and quality in everything we do for our clients.

​All models are independent companions, they set their own hours and have the right to accept or turn down bookings.


The Escort Agent has extremely well trained and managed team of bookers and staff that are carefully selected for the unique qualities and skills to help drive the agency forward and build top quality  customer relationship as well as making sure that our models are treated equally.


One of our missions is to build and represent multicultural models, in Germany, Europe and abroad to serve a broad spectrum of clients in different countries and to satisfy the needs of our clients and those of the market. 


Honesty and integrity is our work ethic. There is mutual respect between The Escort Agent, it's models, clients, photographers, bookers, tax advisers. We try to deliver our best efforts to these creative teams on a daily basis.